• Length overall (including bowsprit) – 117.5 M
  • Width overall – 14.62 m
  • Sail area – 4192 sq.m
  • Masts height – 54.8 m
  • Displacement – 7320 т
Barque Sedov – the largest training sailing vessel in the world

The Russian training sailing vessel Kruzenshtern is a shipentine. The ship was built in 1926 at the shipyard of Teklenborg near Bremerhaven (Germany). The ship was named the Padua at her launch. Later in 1946 she was surrendered to the USSR on the basis of repatriation agreement and further renamed in honor of the famous Russian navigator Admiral Ivan F. Kruzenshtern - the head of the first circumnavigatory expedition of 1803-1806 years. Admiral Kruzenshtern was also known as a scientist-hydrographer and a mentor of a whole galaxy of remarkable Russian seafarers.

Originally, the Padua was used for long-distance cargo transportantion. In January 1946, the Soviet naval flag was hoisted on her mast. After completion of 5-year overhaul and major repair in 1961, the expedition-oceanographic vessel Kruzenshtern performed her first research work in the Atlantic as part of USSR Academy of Science programme. At the same time the Kruzenshtern served as a sea practice site for cadets from naval educational institutions.

Her first circumnavigation of 1995-1996 was dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Russian Navy, the 225th anniversary of Admiral Ivan Kruzenshtern and the 190th anniversary of the first Russian circumnavigation completion date. The international transatlantic expedition of 2009-2010 was devoted to the 65th anniversary of victory in the Great Patriotic War, the 90th jubilee of the fishing industry formation in Russia and the 60th anniversary of the first Russian herring expedition.

During Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games the sailing vessel was serving as a branch office of the Russian House of fans, it was welcoming on her board athletes, tourists and fans from all over the world. During Sochi 2014 Olympic and Paralympic games the Kruzenshtern became a must-see place in the southern capital of Russia. Moreover, Kruzenshtern cadets were volunteering at the Olimpics.

Nowadays the Kruzenshtern keeps on taking part in the largest international holidays, sea festivals and sailing regattas in Hamburg, Bremerhaven, Rostock, Riga, Antwerp, Brest.