06.04.2020 Rosrybolovstvo

Sports and athletic contest on Pallada

On April 5, the final stage of the sports and athletic contest took place on the Pallada. It was mainly devoted to the tug of war competition.
Teams of cadets from Far Eastern educational institutions took part in this event. The guys from FESTFU put on the soot war paint to boost their mood. Perhaps it helped them to win the third place.

The winners were the cadets from Vladivostok Marine Fishing College (VMFC). VMFC team also won chinup competition.

FESTFU team took the lead in press ups. They were also good at chess and won the first and third places. The second place was taken by the shipboys from Young Mariners' League.

After summing up the results, Pallada's Master Nikolay Zorchenko presented diplomas and sweet prizes to the winners.

Text by Olga Shchedrova
Photos by Evgenia Romanenko

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