07.04.2020 Rosrybolovstvo

Sedov replenished her supplies in the roadstead of Port Louis

The Sedov arrived in the roadstead of the capital of Mauritius – Port Louis. It is her scheduled call within the framework of "Sails of Peace" expedition.
During the short-term anchorage the Sedov is going to replenish her fuel supplies and leave for the next port of the circumnavigation.

This roadstead replenishment was initiated due to of quarantine measures in a number of countries against the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. Moreover, it will help to avoid direct contacts of crew members with representatives of port services when receiving fuel on board.

The next scheduled port of Sedov's call will be one of the four largest ports of the planet – the port of Singapore. Taking into account the coronavirus situation in India Sedov's route has been changed. The port of Mumbai has been excluded from her route in order to ensure safety of the crew and cadets.

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