03.04.2020 Rosrybolovstvo

Subtle humor and bursts of laughter

On April 1, people on the vessel laughed at caricatures, watched art videos and ate pineapples.
In the morning a voice from the ship's speaker woke up the crew. This voice was soft and breathy. It belonged to Elena Mulina, the stewardess. It was hard to confuse her manner of speaking with a male voice of 4th Officer Dmitriy Boyko who normally greeted the crew. The surprise effect worked well. So, day of laughter, jokes and good mood started.

On the morning of Fool's Day, a workout session was made on the deck. The guys used life jackes and immersion suite as weights firstly. Then they had to be donned in accordance with the time limit. To raise the spirit and add some vitamins to cadets' ratio the guys were given pineapples.

The cadets prepared some caricature posters of the crew members. There was also a video contest arranged to mark Fool's Day. The crew could enjoy the results of camerawork, directing, acting and many other types of video art in the evening at the Assembly hall.

2E Ivan Tynyk, senior researcher of the World ocean Museum Paul Matviyets and artist Evgeniy Mashkovskiy worked in the panel of judges. At the end of the competition, they admitted that the choice of winners was hard for them. "You gave us the moments of happiness and smiles," said Ivan Tynyk. Pavel Matviyets assured that all the panel tried to take into account the originality of the plot, the quality of editing, and the operator's tricks. They unanimously voted for the team from the Volga-Caspian Marine Fishing College.

The festival of laughter ended with a standing ovation.

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